Temporary Hoarding Fence systems improve the visual impact of a site considering how easy and fast they are to install. Because of their huge re-use ability they help preserve the worlds natural resources.

The key benefit of the Temporary Hoarding Fence is that it provides maximum safety and privacy. They have been manufactured out of solid high density polyethylene plastic sheets and cost less than timer hoarding.

We provide a wide range of fixings and stabilization systems.

Dimensions for hoarding fence panels
Dimensions Weight
2000mm High 43 KG
2500mm Wide
1800mm Plastic infill
Yellow plastic / concrete safety block
Dimensions Weight
130mm High 32 KG
230mm Wide
600mm Long

*Complies to Australian Standard AS 4687-2007 for temporary fencing and hoardings

Temporary Fencing Accessories

When certain circumstances require additional fencing accessories, our temporary fencing accessories are designed to easily integrate with our temporary fencing systems seamlessly.

Learn more about temporary fencing accessories.